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April 2017

Choosing a retreat to advance wellness

Why choose a mental health retreat?  When we thing of ‘retreat’ we think of ‘beating the retreat’ and giving up. But coming to a retreat like Retreat South is far from giving up. It is actually going forward.

When we think of a specialist mental health treatment like you would find here, the first thing most people think is that they are for the treatment for addiction.

Well that is partly true, many people come to private facilities because of addiction issues. And there are many types of addiction issues too. We usually think of drug and alcohol addiction but in our modern ‘high-tech’ age, we can become addicted to things like the internet and tech gadgets like video games.

Recently the Australian snooker champion Neil Robertson admitted to a serious video game addiction that was impacting on his snooker playing.

So, as there are are many types of addiction, there are mental mental health problems. As the conversation around mental health grows and the barriers toward seeking treatment continues to fall, we learn more about mental health. We learn to understand that things we used to think we had to ‘put up with’ are things that we can overcome by seeking treatment.

But by choosing a ‘retreat’ you are actually choosing an ‘advance’ on your mental health issues.


Have that conversation about mental health

England’s Prince Harry has began an important conversation about the stigma surrounding mental health problems and seeking help for them. The Prince went public about his own mental health issues in dealing with the death of his mother Princess Diana. And royalty continued that conversation only a few days later when his brother, prince William, talked with pop music royalty Lady Gaga about her mental health issues.

In his discussion Prince Harry revealed that he suffered from anxiety and other problems and it was long time before he made up his mid to seek counselling and begin to overcome these problems.

It was a powerful gesture, not only in revealing that counselling helped him personally, but that he hoped others would now find it easier to seek help themselves.

The stigma surrounding mental health has been a significant barrier to people seeking help for anything related to their mental health. But that has been changing in recent times. People who may have initially been worried about their mental health being made public have found that seeking help has been far more important. The burden of the problem often makes it worse for so many people. But as more and more people are seeking help, the stigma decreases.

As Prince Harry says, “the experience I have had is that once you start talking about it, you realise that actually you’re part of quite a big club.”

He said what so many others have said, that keeping quiet about their problems will only make them worse. Stigma plays a big part in holding back but Harry himself says “I can’t encourage people enough to just have that conversation because you will be surprised.”

If you are experiencing mental health then maybe it is time to have conversation and join that “quite big club”.

Teaching teachers about stress and burnout

Workplace stress and burnout among teachers and school principals is on the rise. The year is nearly half-over and Winter is closing in. This is the season when workplace blues can really get too us. But job and workplace burnout is a very real and special type of work related stress. It undermines emotional as well as physical health.

Burnout can leave you feeling exhausted all the time. It can also cause you doubt your ability to do your job as well as fill you with doubts about the value of your work and place in the workplace.

Workplace stress and burnout can effect workers on all levels from young people, just entering the workforce to senior managers and even CEOs. Educators and particularly school principals are a group working in area that presents many challenges and often causes high levels of workplace stress.

Although teachers are passionate professionals the always changing nature of the profession challenges that passion. The ongoing study of Principal Health & Wellbeing cites work pace, emotional demands, having to hide emotions, long working hours and work-family conflict as very high over the last five years.

At Retreat South we tailor our programs to suit your needs and understand that getting a treatment program that suits your work life as quell as your needs is important. We operate all-year-round and can help you with a treatment program to address workplace stress and burnout during school and other term holidays to suit people in the education professions.

Call us today on 61+3 5568 4155 to see how we can help you on the road to recovery at a time that suits you.