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November 2016

Getting away from it all and getting well

We all would like to ‘get away from it’ at sometime or other. Getting away from it all has long been used to describe leaving the hustle and bustle of everyday life to find peace. Getting away from it all really can have a benefit, particularly when dealing with mental health issues. The single act of finding somewhere away from our busy and complicated lives and simply enjoying the peace and quiet is growing in appeal.

To get away and find peace and quiet. Peace and quite can give us the opportunity quiet reflection. When combined with therapy, the ability to spend some time reflecting and having ‘time out’ helps us on on road to recovery. Having a tranquil setting, a place that is really ‘away from it all’ to travel to provides an additional benefit. At Retreat South we have created a tranquil place and space for you to travel to and begin you path to wellness. The process begins with the actual journey. That is why we have created our retreat in the countryside so you can leave the distractions of everyday life behind and begin to make real change.

At Retreat South your visit is to a peaceful, undisturbed and private space in natural settings. We like to call it a ‘home away from home.’ Our treatments rooms are also set in gardens to give you an additional atmosphere of calm and tranquility.

Our website describes the environment we create to help your recovery. So call us to discuss how you can get away from it all and begin your journey toward wellness at your home away from home.

Talking about our mental health

It’s hard to talk about our mental health. Particularly if we are having mental health problems. For people experiencing depression, anxiety and other mental health problems it can be tough time. Talking about how you might feel under those circumstances can be difficult. Keeping it to yourself isn’t very helpful and not talking can also make us feel even worse. A person should not have to feel they are alone and talking about things and finding support from family and friends can be beneficial. Talking about it with health professionals can certainly help too and be an important step along the road to recovery.

Talking about mental health is such an important step. Beginning the conversation helps us to understand and explain our situations and begin to reverse the negative experiences and feelings.

But, despite the increased awareness of mental health in recent years, there is still stigma attached to them that means there is still a long way to go before mental health conversations can be a comfortable norm. At Retreat South conversations around mental health are important conversations and we want to enable our clients and prospective clients to feel they can have those conversations.  We aim to provide you with support from the moment you contact us.  We understand the issues you face and can start the ball rolling with you to to understand the mental health issues and every other aspect of your life. We know how difficult those conversations can be and hope that they can become new beginnings on the path to recovery. Healing can begin with that all-important conversation. It can begin when you have that conversation with family and friends, your your health professional and also when you have that conversation with us. So, contact us today and let’s have that conversation.