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December 2016

EAGALA – horse power to improve your mental health

Because at Retreat South we create a treatment programme with you we have a range of therapists and therapies. In this day and age treatments go beyond that talk based therapies – which is a great therapy and has a long record of success – to treatment approaches like EAGALA, which has also proven to be beneficial around the world.



EAGALA stands for the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association. The EAGALA association is an international association of health professionals who use horses in therapy. They incorporate horses into a therapy to address mental health and other issues.

Although it is a relativly new therapy, the relationship between horses and humans has been a beneficial one. The ancient Greeks had a saying, “the outside of a horse is the best thing for the inside of a man,” so the benefit has been there for centuries.

EAGALA programmes are used around the world and, like all the therapies offered at Retreat South, it follows a standard of practice to ensure the upmost professionalism.

Although horse-based therapy means you work directly with horse it doesn’t mean you need to ride horses or learn to ride. It is a safe and supporting therapeutic encounter too. Through EAGALA you work directly with horses in solution-oriented approach and use the intuitive power of horses to understand and enable the changes you want to make in your therapeutic goal setting.

A horse-based therapy is just one the treatments we offer at Retreat South, and all our treatments are in a safe, confidential and relaxing environment. Call us today to discuss the treatments we can offer to help you on your path to recovery.

Therapy that works for you: Art Therapy

The American artist Georgia O’Keefe summed up the power of art therapy when she said  “I could say things with colors and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way—things I had no words for.”

At Retreat South we offer specialised, tailor-made programmes for individual treatment. We offer a range therapies which are delivered by expert practitioners.

At Retreat South we design a treatment program that works for you. To do this we assemble a variety of treatment approaches. These include psychotherapy and counselling, art therapy, hypnotherapy, the equine therapy and yoga and meditation. These therapies can be combined to form your daily treatment.

Over the next few weeks we will post about these various treatments beginning with Art Therapy.

Art has played an important part in psychotherapy over the last half century. Recent studies have shown that it is beneficial in helping clients to focus on the present and clarify emotions.

By using art to make emotions visible, people find it easier to further investigate their feelings and thoughts during treatment. Many thoughts and emotions can be assembled in a single image too, something which is difficult to achieve by only using words.

People using art in therapy even say that it helps them find ways to eventually put their feelings into words. Art therapy is not about about striving to make ‘good art’. Some people do not even make ‘pictures’ and focus instead on colours and shapes to give expression to their thoughts. It the process of expressing yourself using art materials and then reflecting on the product made with them that is important.

Art therapy is just one of the therapies we have at Retreat South that can be combined with other therapies to help you achieve real change and help you on your path to recovery and wellness.

Getting help for trauma and post traumatic stress

At Retreat South we offer specialised, tailor-made programmes for individual treatment. We offer a range treatment programmes for a number of mental health problems designed to suit each person who visits. Although we can offer a variety of treatments for a variety of problems, one of our main areas of focus is on trauma treatment.

Trauma and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are terms that are becoming widely used as the nature of traumatic events on our lives and their long-term effect on us become better understood.

Retreat South has gathered together specialists in the treatment of trauma.

Because it can effect an individually so deeply, the daily experience of someone with trauma or PTSD is vastly different to other people. To help deal with their trauma, someone may need to resort to things that limit the way they go about their daily lives, sometimes with very negative effects on their ability to work or other necessary daily activities.

Our model of treatment constantly evolves to ensure that the best possible treatments are delivered to our clients. Assessment is a major part of planning your treatment at Retreat South and identifying the effect of trauma is an important step in that planning.

Not all trauma is the same and people are effected by it in different ways. There is no single approach to treatment either, like a ‘one size fits all’ treatment. Different trauma requires different treatment so assessment is a critical part part of how we develop your treatment.

Working with trauma can be a difficult process and one that takes time. That is why we have created luxurious client suites and work in a quiet, relaxing and beautiful atmosphere among gardens in a rural setting. That way you stay can be a comfortable and pleasant one.

If you have any issues concerning trauma or PTSD, contact us today to discuss how Retreat South can develop a treatment that works for you.