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January 2017

Treatments for your mind and body: Yoga and meditation

In an earlier post we discussed how physical well-being is as important as our mental well-being. At Retreat South we include yoga, relaxation and meditation as part of our treatment plans.

We were inspired by a recent news story about and 86 year-old  who teaches yoga at a mental health unit in Queensland, Australia.

“I see them walking out of the room much happier than when they walked in,” she said. That sounds like a good enough endorsement for yoga and meditation but new research has shown that yoga breathing exercises are actually beneficial to both our physical and mental health.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found the breathing techniques helped alleviate symptoms of depression in participants for people who were not responding to antidepressant treatments.

The breathing exercises were also helpful in stabilising blood pressure.  Even it the techniques are not exactly the same as those used in the studies, the positive results of yoga breathing and focus were noted for their help in reducing anxiety.
At Retreat South we offer intensive psychotherapy programmes and the yoga and meditation treatments prove useful in helping you reflect and relax in between sessions as well as help keep you feeling fit, healthy and happy during your stay with us.

We aim to provide a treatment programme that will benefit you in mind and body and every programme is customised to suit your needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can create a programme that is right for you.

Travelling for your mental health: your journey to wellness

Travelling is a great thing to do and it can be good for wellness as well as adventure.

Travel is good for the spirit

For many of us now, travel is an activity that brings pleasure, stimulation activity and broadens our horizons. Travelling is also something we do to refresh our minds, bodies and spirits. Taking off to another country that offers a good climate and environment is one of the best types of vacation. Australia is becoming one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations.

Australia has a unique landscape and one of the liveable climates in the world. Set in a rural landscape on the south-west coast of Victoria, Retreat South is surrounded by the best of Australia’s environment. The coastal location makes for a moderate climate, even in Summer, which makes it ideal to experience Australia’s famous sunshine. There are health benefits from a good climate. Experiencing the outdoors and participating in activities boosts cognitive skills. And a good climate promotes physical activity so the two go together. Visitors can enjoy walks and other physical activity. Sunlight boosts our immune systems (but remember to be careful not get too much sun exposure, particularly during Summer.

Travel is good for the mind

Environment plays an important part in our mental health too. Retreat South is in Victoria’s South West to provide a quiet, country area to assist in your recovery. The weather is pleasant, never excessively hot on Summer or excessively cold in Winter. Retreat South is close enough to main regional centres but quiet and restful.

Like the holiday tourist who enjoys travel that brings stimulation, activity and broadens their horizons. Travelling to seek treatment for mental health problems are taking a journey towards recovery. Talk to us today about making your journey to wellness in Australia.

Therapy that works for you: Yoga and Meditation

People who prcatice yoga and meditation have a saying  “inhale the future, exhale the past.” At Retreat South we offer specialised programmes for individual treatment. Each programme is put together for your stay witn us. We discuss the possibilities and aims you you want in coming for treatment and offer a range therapies which are delivered by expert practitioners.



We design a program that works for you and includes several treatments. These include psychotherapy and counselling as well as less familiar thearapies such as Art Therapy or EAGALA therapy.

Yoga and relaxation therapy is one of the holistic approaches we combine with mainstream counselling. It can be an important part of treatments for people just starting rehabilitation, who may feel anxious about the recovery process or even be disconnected and confused by their feelings as therapy progresses.



Your physical well being is looked after along with your mental well-being. And with the relaxation and physical well-being, your ability to reach goals in other therapies is increased. our clients often find thier experiences in the other therapies become more rewarding.

Your healing comes from the therapies that we arrange as we discuss with you the best ways to help your pathe to recovery. Yoga and relaxantion therapies are just part of the treatments we offer. So, contact us today and ask abouty about what therapies we can we can offer you.