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February 2017

Ensuring you get enough treatment for better recovery

We are now nearly two decades into the 21st century and in that time there have been some major changes to to mental health treatment in Australia.

The reduction of stigma surrounding mental health or seeking treatment for a mental condition has decreased. The result is that more people are open about mental health problems and comfortable with seeking treatment because disclosing mental health problems is no longer considered to be shameful.

But despite more people disclosing having mental health problems and more resources for mental health in Australia a new study has found that the mental health of Australians is not improving as well as it should be.

One of the problems is that inadequate and non evidence based treatments can be given and often not sufficiently long enough.

At Retreat South, treatments are all evidence based. Our team are lead by psychologists and only sound, evidence based treatments are given to help your mind and body. Because we offer an intensive program, a range of treatments are offered each day of your stay so you have high quality and consistent treatment.

Healthy diet helping healthy recovery

We know that a healthy diet has benefits for our physical health. It is not that well known that eating well has benefits for our mental health too. That is slowly changing and the understanding of the links between what we eat and our mental health are becoming better known and research. In fact some new research here in Australia has shown the link between mental health and diet. The researchers took the Mediterranean diet – already well known for its effect on on physical health and well being – and found that it also has a good effect on mental health.

The results indicated that a healthy diet with fresh and wholegrain foods have a significant effect on mood and can even help with depression.
One of the participants found the diet made for a clearer mind and, although the diet won’t cure depression it helps to deal with it more successfully. That is why we place a lot of importance on insuring your meals are healthy and well balanced when you stay at Retreat South.

In the same way your treatments are tailored to suit your needs at Retreat South, your meals are also tailored to suit your individual needs and tastes. Your meals will be personally prepared by our chef prepared and designed to keep you well and healthy.  Our chef uses fresh, locally sourced produce to create nutritious meals during your stay.

When you discuss your treatment needs with us, those needs also influence what goes into your daily meals. Our chef can also discuss your food preferences as well as your treatment needs with you and adapt meals to suit your changing needs and tatstes.