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September 2017


Sometimes talking about mental health issues is really difficult. Being able to talk to someone who may be experiencing mental health problems is really difficult.

Today, September 14, is R U OK? day. This is a day that encourages us to ask those difficult questions.

R U OK? is an organisation that sets out to helps ask other sometimes difficult question ‘are you ok?” That simple question has reached national, even international awareness and has empowered many people to meaningfully connect with others and offer support to family, friends, colleagues and so many others who may not be doing so well.

 Find out more about this worthwhile cause here.
By the way, R U OK?

Women take control of your wellness

“Women hold up half the sky,” Mao Tse-tung once said. The findings of an annual study into women’s health reveals that they could also be holding nearly half of Australia’s mental health problems.

The first week of September is Womens’ Health Week. Since it began in 2013, Womens’ Health Week has been a time to reflect on women’s health and wellbeing

The even coincides with the release of the important annual Jean Hailes Women’s Health Survey. This year’s survey shows that around 40 per cent of Australian women have been professionally diagnosed with depression or anxiety.

While men have been under the spotlight when it comes to better understanding mental health issues, we still need to keep the focus on womens’ mental health.

The concern is revealed in the survey findings. The two major obsticles for women not neglecting their health is lack of time. In fact nearly 30 per cent of the women surveyed said this. Over 20 percent said that health was not a priority.

We hope that during Womens’s Health Week, women, and men, in fact, all Australians, will take the time to think about their health and wellness and take that first step toward changing their lives for the healthier and better.

Friends with benefits: pets and other animals and wellbeing

Pets and other companion animals are just that, they can provide great companionship. Many studies have shown that. Some have pointed out the benefits to the pet owner’s physical and mental health. Lover stress levels, better heart health as well as other positives.

Owning a pet can provide better socialising with family and friend too. People who feel the benefit and support their pets give them have also been shown to feel greater closeness to and support from family members and friends. People with a dog can also fin that talking it for walks becomes an ice-breaker as people will often comment on the dog and, in turn, meet its owner.

People with pets have experienced a variety of benefits like improving their social life and even improving their mood, personality and even self-esteem.

Owning a pet can even be like having a live-in therapist. Many pet owners talk to their pets, often talking about their own problems. A devoted pet has all the time in the world for you and will sit by as you talk. As the basis of good therapy is to be a good listener, you companion animal is a kind of therapist.

If your pet companion is all this to you and more, the last thing you would want is to leave them behind if you needed to be away.

That is why Retreat South is pet friendly. We know the value of pets. Set in rural environment with pets and farm animals including sheep, dogs, chickens and even a very friendly Highland Angus steer, Animals can be an important part of your recovery.