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Beating those Winter Blues

It’s June and Winter is upon us here in Australia. Winter is a time when we run the risk of catching colds and other aliments, exercise and socialise less and even feel depressed. It is also a time when we can feel pretty low and even depressed.

It might be harder in Winter to do some of things that make us feel good but keeping up the following few things can help you beat those ‘Winter Blues’.

Exercise has a proven effect on our mood, we even blogged about some thought provoking research earlier on the relationship between exercise and positive mood. So some regular exercise can keep you happy and healthy through the colder months.

Nutrition and eating well is important for physical and mental health all year round. Regular, well balanced meals throughout the day keep the energy up and mood consistent. Sleep is probably not far from everybody’s mind in Winter. Nothing sounds better than a nice, warm bed to most of us during winter and sleep is one of the best things for resting the mind and body and ensuring good mood. So is daylight, so try not to spend all your time indoors as regular exposure to daylight has been proven beneficial in reducing depression.

Regular exercise, adequate sleep and a healthy diet are also good immune system boosters if you look after your physical health you are looking after your mental health as well.

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