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Choosing a retreat to advance wellness

Why choose a mental health retreat?  When we thing of ‘retreat’ we think of ‘beating the retreat’ and giving up. But coming to a retreat like Retreat South is far from giving up. It is actually going forward.

When we think of a specialist mental health treatment like you would find here, the first thing most people think is that they are for the treatment for addiction.

Well that is partly true, many people come to private facilities because of addiction issues. And there are many types of addiction issues too. We usually think of drug and alcohol addiction but in our modern ‘high-tech’ age, we can become addicted to things like the internet and tech gadgets like video games.

Recently the Australian snooker champion Neil Robertson admitted to a serious video game addiction that was impacting on his snooker playing.

So, as there are are many types of addiction, there are mental mental health problems. As the conversation around mental health grows and the barriers toward seeking treatment continues to fall, we learn more about mental health. We learn to understand that things we used to think we had to ‘put up with’ are things that we can overcome by seeking treatment.

But by choosing a ‘retreat’ you are actually choosing an ‘advance’ on your mental health issues.


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