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Diet for good recovery and mental health

Addiction has a bad effect on both mind and body. Poor diet is often a factor when a person is addicted and during recovery good nutrition is a very important factor more losely linked to mental health than we might think.

Drug and alcohol addiction is so strong, the craving for the addiction overtakes the craving for food.
One of the aspects of treatment is replacing the taking of the harmful substances with healthier ones like food.

A well balanced diet is an important part of any recovery.

As a person recovers they begin to work out ways of being less likely to use alcohol and drugs. A good, well balanced diet helps to restore the body to health and a well balanced diet also improves mental health.

At Retreat South your nutritional care is planned along with with every other aspect of your care so that it is part of the wider treatment plan.

Because we strive to provide you with the most comfortable environment for your stay our chef designed meals are planned and prepared with your personal and dietary needs using the finest ingredients.

As the father of medicine and healing, Hippocrates, said “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Those words are as true as ever when it comes to addiction and recovery.

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