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Exercise is good for mental health

Just as diet can have an important effect on mental health, so can exercise.

Decades ago it was understood that exercise and physical activity are associated with better results in health treatment. The benefits of exercise began to be known to imporove mental health as well. In fact, some experts claim exercise is as effective as medication and convention psychological therapy in treating Depression. Some even argue it is even more effective!

This can be seen by Australian statistics which show that people with with poor mental health are more likely to have poor physical health, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Physical therapy has been an important part of treatment for these conditions.

Physical activity has also shown to be a helpful compliment to to treatment for addiction. Other benefits of exercise are reducing symptoms of anxiety and better brain functioning.

The awareness of good digestive health on physical health has also been shown to promote good mental health. The same is true with good physical health. It leads to improved mental health as well.

At Retreat South we bring together mental health professionals to for your treatments. Your physical health is looked after too with professionals like an exercise therapist, who form part of your treatment team.

That way the combination of a treatment plan for your mental health, physical health and dietary needs can be be arranged for your recovery.

Call us today to discuss how we can plan a mental,physical and dietary plan that will start you on your path to recovery.

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