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Gardens and natural settings for your recovery

When you are thinking about private residential mental treatment, think about one with gardens and open spaces and how they benefit your recovery.

When we have mental health problems one of the worst aspects is trying to deal with them along with our job and other daily routines. Sometimes that routine causes us to neglect our health but, for a small part of the day, we might be able to escape outdoors for some fresh air. And how wonderful that short break seems to be.

It’s that exposure to light and fresh air that seems to be some helpful but, sadly, we often go for too many hours and even too many days without exposure to natural light and natural surroundings. Research indicates that we can spend as much as 90 per cent of our days indoors!

New Research also shows that spending some time in gardens and natural settings has a great effect on our health and mental health.

One of the most important attractions at Retreat South are the gardens and open air spaces. And because Retreat South is pet friendly, if you bring your dog there are plenty of areas surround your accommodation suite to walk and exercise your pet. Recent clients found the benefit of the gardens and orchards as beneficial for them as it was for their pet: both enjoyed the exercise.

Contact us today on 61 3 5568 4155 to discuss how we can tailor a treatment program to suit your needs.

We specialise in treating many mental health conditions and can help find a solution for you. Ask us about our gardens and orchards and the many beaches and other natural features that can be part of your daily routine and recovery.

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