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Get well in a garden

The gardens and natural, open spaces at Retreat South can have a beneficial effect on you mental health.

One of the most attractive features of Retreat South are the gardens and natural bushland settings.  The andscape is attractive on the eye and pleasant to experience in all seasons.  Research has shown that gardens and other open, natural spaces can have a positive effect on our mental wellbeing.  Our mental wellbeing might have even been influenced by gardens. Research also shows that children’s mental development is better when they have access to gardens to play in.

Gardens also provide a healthier climate.  With the reduction of garden spaces in houses over the last few decades, the climates in those neighbourhoods has increased causing negative effects on physical health too.  People living in cities, where there is less opportunity to access gardens and parkland have been shown to experience often serious mental health problems. People living in cities have been shown to be over a third more at risk of mood disorders like depression and over twenty per cent more likely to experience anxiety disorders compared to people living in the country.

At Retreat South, you are surrounded by cultivated gardens and natural bush landscapes. They provide a feeling of privacy, serenity and healthiness. Part of your daily routine will always include opportunities to spend some time in them.












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