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Getting anxious about Anxiety

Up to two million Australians suffer from anxiety the most common mental health condition in the country but new research reveals one in five believe people with anxiety ‘put it on’. The study surveying 1200 people found 10 per cent aged between 30 and 34 believe people with anxiety are untrustworthy. Although most were aware of anxiety as a mental health condition, nearly half considered that people with anxiety are judged or discriminated against.

CEO of mental health advocacy group beyondblue Georgie Harman said that a quarter of us will experience anxiety at some point, so with roughly half of us still unaware or misunderstanding anxiety it is a big social concern.

What is Anxiety?

According to Harman, Anxiety is more than just feeling stressed or worried, it is when these feelings don’t go away and continue for no particular reason or cause. Actor Guy Pearce, who is helping promote a better understanding of Anxiety, says he suffered from it since childhood and knows the feelings of being “overwhelmed by the physical and mental symptoms”.

Everyone feels anxious from time to time, but for someone with anxiety those feelings are not easily controlled.

Importantly, as Harman says, seeing a growing understanding of Anxiety, the number of people who don’t understand the facts about it is a concern.

Treatment for Anxiety

It is important to understand that Anxiety can be managed and treated. Specialised therapy helps you learn how to control your anxiety rather than it control you.

At Retreat South we work with you to create an approach to your mental health that is about empowering you to take control. We work with you to identify moments where you may be more vulnerable than usual to stress and other triggers and how to deal more effectively with them using your own strengths.

We offer a safe, secure and confidential therapeutic environment too. Another important part of the treatment plans we create with you is mapping out actions and supports for your long term recovery from anxiety, well being and mental health.

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