Harness the power of nature for health

In recent years nature therapy has become an effective treatment for anxiety and stress.

Health and mental health specialists have recommended being in forests, gardens and other natural places. In the natural place, people spend time absorbing the beautiful, natural environment. It seems simple and the effects have been impressive. Just walking or sitting in the natural environment can bring feelings of calmness, improve mood and lower blood pressure.

Many psychologists suggest a daily walk in a garden or park. When the walk is part of a routine it brings better physical health as well as better mental health.

In America and other places, nature-based therapy is proving valuable in treating addiction and helping recovery. In Japan, ‘forest bathing’ has been used as a therapy for decades. People simply in a forest, reflecting in the stillness and silence of the natural surroundings. Like a kind of mindfulness in nature. Mindfulness is gaining ground as a therapy. So is nature therapy. It has been shown to help calm, lower blood pressure and boost positive feelings.

In fact, Japanese researchers have found that forest bathing has positive physiological effects. Cortisol is made by our bodies to help us respond to stress. Cortisol levels rise when we feel stressed and fall when we are relaxed. A walk in a forest reduced cortisol levels and the participants were less stressed.

The Holistic approach, where combinations of traditional psychotherapy and physical therapy give people in residential therapy a better daily balance. Try getting out in natural surroundings and sit or stroll. It is something we can do for ourselves, anytime we need.

At Retreat South there is a blend of natural landscapes and beautifully maintained picture gardens where you can walk, sit or relax and experience the power of nature.