Substance Dependency, Abuse and Addictions


At Retreat South, we focus on the entire addiction cycle. We look after your physical, psychological and emotional welfare. We assist you to develop strategies to empower you when dealing with situations that trigger risk taking and addiction related behaviours. We assess the underlying issues that may cause problems including diet, self-worth and learned behaviours.

Looking after all aspects of you, gives our compassionate and caring team the ability to help you grow much needed resilience. Our aim is to give you the advice, support and practical assistance to foster a healthier approach to life and relationships that help you make lasting change.

A positive and pro-active way of life.

Our processes involve not just simply treating the physical allure and symptoms of addiction. We also work with you to uncover and disrupt negative behaviour patterns, self-sabotage and to develop positive strategies to rekindle relationships with yourself and your loved ones.

Using a mix of psychological treatments and creative and physical therapies, Retreat South’s trained team of professionals can help you move away from addictive behaviours and into a positive and pro-active way of life.

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from a discussion with us

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