Treatment for PTSD & Trauma

Retreat South’s focus for trauma recovery is through identifying major life events and issues that have created a dent in your ability to exercise confidence later in life. Trauma is often an underlying cause for addictions, unhealthy and unhappy relationships, and career failure and/or working lives out of balance.

Many trauma survivors have spent a lot of time and energy on compartmentalising and trying to forget the pain of the past. At Retreat South in Victoria, we believe trauma and PTSD are like a wound on the psyche and soul.

A healthy and happy life is well within your grasp

Without proper attention and addressing the cause, living a life haunted by such events can limit the potential for a happy, fulfilling and emotionally prosperous life.

During your time with us we will help you remove the shadows of your past and show you how that a healthy and happy life is well within your grasp.

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from a discussion with us

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