Individual therapy is all about you

By December 1, 2019Uncategorized

At Retreat South, we offer individualised programs.  Your treatment is individual too.

No group therapy

At Retreat South your treatment is delivered in one-on-one sessions with our therapists.  In one-on-one sessions, you have one-on-one attention from each member of our therapeutic team. They work with you alone, and understand your specific needs and work with you toward your recovery.

Therapy works as a relationship between the client and the therapist. This is called the ‘therapeutic alliance’ and that alliance is strongest in individual therapy.

This way the treatment best suits your own specific needs and reasons and pace.

Because working one-on-one with your therapist, you control the pace of your recovery too. The focus is on you alone and working with you to find the best paths to your recovery.

This way you have a greater opportunity to strengthen the therapeutic alliance and participate in your own recovery process.