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Knowing when to seek mental health help

Because it is most likely that all people will experience some form of mental health issue during their life, knowing when it is time to seek help is important. Just as most people will experience mental health problems, most people who seek treatment for them will benefit from that therapy.

When do you know you might need to find some help for a mental health issue?

It might not be so obvious to you that you are experiencing mental health problems. It isn’t a case of suddenly going ‘crazy’ either but sometimes there are signs when you might need help. Unusual changes in mood can be one. Sometimes those changes include more than just your mood. You can feel a little sad every now and then but if it is more pervade and experienced over a longer time it mean something is wrong. Changes in your lifestyle as well as mood, such as sleeplessness or loss of appetite can be a sign there immeshing wrong too.

Sometimes a significant or traumatic event in your life can cause physical and emotional problems. It can be an event that has happened recently or something that happened a long time ago and which is effecting you, even if you might not be aware of it.

Changes in the way we cope with life’s pressures can be an indicator. Sometimes it is a drastic change, and you might resort to using alcohol or other substances to cope or help in feeling better about things. Dependance on these substances can lead to major problems too. Finding help before those problems get out of control can be an important factor in duration of mental health treatment.

The good news is that more and more people are seeking psychotherapeutic help. Stigma has long been a barrier but, more and more people are discussing mental health and realising that it effects so many of us that it should not be bused up any longer.

Medication has become more sophisticated and better able to help deal with some mental health problems. Because of this many people feel that can get by by using medication. Even though we are in a time when medication be help reduce the symptoms of many problems such as depression and anxiety, psychotherapy has always been recommended along with medical treatment.

If you are thinking about treatment for mental health problems, take that next step and call today.

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