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Make the most of your NDIS respite experience

NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) respite and other short-term accommodation allow NDIS participants or their carers to have some time out, enjoy a change of pace and a change of scenery.

Retreat South is a psychology based, multi-disciplinary residential retreat. Because of this, our retreat can offer you a respite programme that includes mental health support. Choose from a range of therapies and activities including, yoga, meditation, exercise physiology, qigong, and nature-based therapies. You can also benefit from psychological supports like hypnotherapy and psychology.

Arts and crafts activities include drawing, painting, weaving, printmaking, watercolour, crotchet and knitting. Retreat South has a fully equipped art and ceramics studio and highly experienced support staff who can help you realise a variety of projects during your stay.

Add to that personalised meals served to you in your own suite. Our nutritionist and chef will consult with your about food likes and dislikes and can even provide some nutrition and healthy eating guidance as part of your respite.

Make the most of your respite. Enjoy a break at our ‘country farm’ style retreat. Learn some relaxation techniques, beneficial exercises, and healthy tips to improve your lifestyle.

You can be self-managed or plan-managed, so contact us now to talk about NDIS respite and short-term accommodation.

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