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Men and Mental Health

Mens’ physical and mental health often comes under the spotlight. Australian males been shown to have poorer health than Australian females. Men also are among the most like to develop problems with alcohol and other drugs.

To make matters worse, men are less likely than women to visit health professionals. Although there has been some welcome changes over time with women entering traditionally male dominated workplace roles, some areas are still male-dominated.

The construction industries, for example. There is a largely male-dominated industry. And the interesting thing is that, men in construction are less less likely to seek help, particularly for mental health problems as it is still considered to be a sign of weakness. In fact, some of the stresses of being in exactly that kind of environment can be a cause of mental health problems.

Health professionals are really trying hard to reverse that. In recent years, mental health issues such as addiction have become recognised as social issues rather than purely health issues. The change in attitude towards depression has caused a turn-around in how we consider this all too common mental health prolem.

Attitudes toward men’s mental health should be treated in the same way. Issues like family tensions, workplace stress are included in the way we think about health and wellbeing. Mental health care is adapting to men’s unique needs. Like many health professionals, at Retreat South we pride ourselves on creating a care and recovery program that assists everyone. Our treatment team have extensive experience in working with men as well as a diverse range of people.

We create a safe environment for all kinds of people and work toward taking back control of their lives under many and varied conditions. Our therapies range from psychology to meditation and exercise physiology so your physical wellbeing becomes part of your recovery.

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