More Australians seek alcohol and drug treatment

By April 24, 2019Uncategorized

Counselling is still the the most often sought treatment for alcohol and drug problems in Australia.

Alcohol related issues are still the most common of substance addictions. New statistics released this month show that in the past year amphetamines are becoming a more significant problem.

According to the report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), over 130,000 people were treated for alcohol or drug issues during 2017-18 at nearly 1000 publicly funded clinics.

That is one in every 166 people.

Alcohol-related problems accounted for one-third of treatments. Amphetamine use accounted for one in every four treatments. According to the report this a 17 per cent increase since 2013-14.

Cannabis use was the third most common problem seeing one in five people seek treatment.

Over the last five years, alcohol has declined from being the most common drug issue. The amount of people seeking treatment for it has decreased from 40 per cent to 34 per cent shown in the recent statistics for 2017–18.

Where people were seeking treatment for problems with more than one drug, most usually it cannabis or nicotine as an additional drug of concern.

The report reveals that men accounted for 66 per cent of people receiving treatment.

Counselling, assessment and withdrawal management were the most common support services received.

While the statistics show an increase in problem drug use, authorities say it also indicates more people, particularly men, are seeking help. This is good as people can wait for up to 20 years before seeking treatment.

Counselling is the most often form of treatment for alcohol or drug problems in Australia. Drug and alcohol counselling can take many forms and involves resolving the issues that may cause a person to use alcohol or other substances.

In time the therapy leads to an understanding of how to live a happy and fulfilling life without the misuse of alcohol.

Sometimes a number of therapies can be used. At Retreat South our clients experience and learn techniques through yoga, meditation and exercise. Those bring better ways to relax and cope without alcohol or other substances.