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Nutrition to help your recovery

The last of the Summer flowers are are blooming around the gardens at Retreat South. We have a variety of gardens and plants however, and have some that flower in the colder months. But, Autumn and then Winter are on the way. You can see the birch trees in the picture, their leaves turning gold. With the colder months approaching we are planning the menus to make sure the meals served are high in nutrition as well as appetising.

Poor diet during the colder months can even lead to poorer mental health. A study of people living in the Arctic and Subarctic showed a fall in mental health as they changed their diet as their contact with ‘Western’ societies increased. It was things like higher intake of processed foods that had the effect.

The emphasis might seem to be on psychological recovery at Retreat South. But physical care is just as important. Nutrition in recovery and treatment is also important. The food served to you needs to be healthy in order to compliment your treatment. A healthy diet means controlling the foods that might be high in fat and sugars. But, one thing that is not overlooked is flavour and making your meals taste great.  The ingredients always include whole foods, fruit and vegetables.

When you contact Retreat South you talk to us about creating a treatment plan that best suits your recovery needs. When you arrive, you also meet our catering staff and they will talk to you about why foods you like. They will also talk to you about making your meals best fit your nutritional needs during you recovery.

Those needs might change during the process. As things change your meals, like your treatments will adapt to those changing needs.

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