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Opening the door on important conversations

Mental health, addiction, illness recovery and post hospital care are some of the core services offered by Retreat South. While the conversations around wellness are changing, stigma still stops people in need seeking help.

As wellness practitioners, we want to break down the barriers to you seeking psychological support. That’s why we’ve taken out the time to restructure our website to help you research our services. We’ve also introduced a blog to the Retreat South outreach mix. Helping you to understand your own feelings, the sort of help available to you and feel connected is part of our process. So we view this as taking some of what we offer our many visitors to an online format.

In short, we want to help you make the right decisions for your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. And we do this by allowing you to make an informed decision by providing the info you need.

Would you ask a doctor to fix your broken leg?

Often, the struggle with addiction and mental health issues is seen as taboo. While we’ll tell family and friends about our broken leg, we hide anything related to the mind. Instead of admitting work stress, we may brag about how insanely busy we are. Rather than reach out when a disability or illness is impacting our emotional state, we hide behind the medical.

It’s tough to admit we may have a problem. And that the problem may be related to our heads.

Yet we live in a world where depression and anxiety are one the rise. Where we’re facing increased job insecurity and work related pressure. Cancer, invisible disabilities and physical ailments impact us directly and/or through our wider network. Over-indulging in drugs and alcohol also cast a shadow over many of us. Trauma from relationship, family and career breakdowns leave deep marks. As does recovery from military service and/or serious accidents and illnesses.

There are many reasons why you may need assistance. None of them are any less worthy than the next.

Open the door and start talking

Retreat South is different to other retreats and rehabilitation centres you may have experienced in the past. We take the time to understand you as an individual. And to build a plan that helps you that you can activate in the real world.

Our aim is to allow you to find that supportive ear. Not just to share the issues you’re facing, but to also understand the deeper why of your life. Beyond treating symptoms and helping you release your worries, Retreat South is about learning a new way to live. It’s about moving beyond coping and actually rediscovering happiness, contentment and respect for yourself.

Each one of us has a reserve of strength. Life tears at this shield each day. From small insults through to major life impacts and losses, that reserve can splinter and break. The more we break, the more we try to make do. Sometimes, we ignore the pain. Or we cover it with drugs and alcohol, work and material things. We think our job is to be brave and soldier on, so we build over the top of the holes.

But over time, those holes make our life unstable. Each time we face a new challenge, we’re more vulnerable because our foundations are weakened. Dealing with constant stress, strain, trauma, illness and general unhappiness takes a toll. The braver the face, the deeper the wounds, and the more rattled by the next event we become.

Retreat South is about giving you the opportunity to stop coping and start living again. Instead of cobbling together aspects of your life and pushing away the things that hurt or frighten you, you get the opportunity to heal.

That healing begins with a conversation. It starts in your own head with allowing yourself to seek help. It continues with seeing your doctor and asking for a referral. Or with emailing and ringing us directly to talk.

And the journey towards shaking off the problems begins in earnest when you walk through our door.

So what are you waiting for? You can be anonymous. You can come here to reflect and restore and find new ways to tackle old problems. And you can come here to talk about what you need to in an environment that will help you move from getting by to thriving.

Contact us now to begin the conversation that could change your life for the better.

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