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Spring and changes to our mental health

It’s Spring and the gardens at Retreat South are looking great! Spring is a great time when we can shake off the Winter blues and get active in the warmer weather. Most people think that Winter is the season that effects our mood and mental health. With some people it is different and they can be troubled by seasonal changes.

Research shows that the change in seasons can effect our well being. While many people enjoy the renewed energy of Spring, it can be a different matter for others. The increased sunlight brings feelings of well being. However, people with depression can find Spring brings a very different feeling. Instead of feeling invigorated, people suffering from depression can feel the opposite. They can feel overwhelmed by the environment and it becomes hard to bear.

This ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’ is a condition that is not just about getting the ‘winter blues’. People with this condition usually experience symptoms during the Winter months but the change to Spring and Summer can bring anxiety, sleeplessness and even trigger depressive episodes.

Depression is treatable and the earlier that treatment begins the better the outcome.

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