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Stigma and confidentiality

Stigma surrounding mental health is almost a big a problem as mental issues themselves.

Every year, 4 out of 16 young Australians experience a mental health issue, but only one of those four will seek help. Stigma accounts for this extraordinary divide amongst young Australians seeking mental health care. The mental health promotion group headspace have launched a new campaign called The Big Stigma which aims to reduce that stigma. Part of the approach is a hub providing links to various resources and tools for family and friends seeking to support people with mental health issues.

Stigma also spreads into the adult population and with just as alarming figures. There are many reasons why stigma prevents people seeking help for mental health problems. The Big Stigma and other organisations stress that stigma is the misconceptions and fears about mental health and psychological help.

Those fears are very strong but not seeking help can only lead the delays in seeking help or not seeking it at all. And if that is the case then the negative effects that a person may have been feeling make study harder, finding a job harder, establishing relationships and maintaining them harder too.

And it can carry into adult life.

Mental health treatment aims to be confidential which helps work against that stigma, as people are too often fearful others will know they are in treatment. At Retreat South, we take confidentiality very seriously. If you are considering treatment and have any concerns about treatment confidentiality, then talk to us today about them. We are committed to creating a treatment environment where you feel safe and secure. It’s a cornerstone of good treatment. Are staff are will totally respect your confidentiality and privacy. Our treatments, sessions and classes are individually, not group, based. You can even come to Retreat South using an assumed name.

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