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Psychology lead recovery for alcohol dependence

Alcohol continues to be the biggest addictive substance facing Australians. New statistics show that during 2019/20 alcohol was the most common substance-related issue people sought treatment for in the public health system during 2019 and 2020. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s annual reporting, a third of nearly 140,000 people who received […]

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The risks of alcohol misuse

New research from the Australian Alcohol and Drug Foundation reveals that one in five Australians ignore the harmful effects of alcohol. Young people especially remain unaware of the multiple risks associated with alcohol misuse. More than half of the 1000 Australians polled by the foundation in May 2021 did not know what a standard drink […]

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Avoiding risky drinking

In the three years leading up to 2019, nearly a third of Australians surveyed had reduced their alcohol consumption for health reasons. Despite that, there was been little change in the number of people drinking at risky levels. In 2019, one in four people drank at a risky level. Australia‚Äôs National Health and Medical Research […]

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