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A good diet improves mental health

The importance of diet and the link between the right types of food land our mental health is becoming a big concern. What we eat has always been an important factor in our general health but what we eat is just as important to our mental health. Food and mental health has been under the […]

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Healthy diet helping healthy recovery

We know that a┬áhealthy diet has benefits for our physical health. It is not that well known that eating well has benefits for our mental health too. That is slowly changing and the understanding of the links between what we eat and our mental health are becoming better known and research. In fact some new […]

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Diet for good recovery and mental health

Addiction has a bad effect on both mind and body. Poor diet is often a factor when a person is addicted and during recovery good nutrition is a very important factor more losely linked to mental health than we might think. Drug and alcohol addiction is so strong, the craving for the addiction overtakes the […]

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