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Make the most out of Mental Health Week

Mental Health Week, the annual mental health awareness week is here again.  And World Mental Health Day takes place on October 10. It has been reassuring that over the last years mental health awareness has been in the public arena for more than just one week in the year. Being mindfull of our own wellbeing […]

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World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day, the important day of focus during Mental Health Week. Over the last thirty years events like Mental Health Week have done great work in raising the awareness of mental health care and mental health issues. These events and campaigns have raised important issues about mental health and helped to Change […]

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Mental health and the workplace

Over 50 per cent of adults in the UK said they would not hire someone with depression, even if they were the best candidate for the job. Our worplace is often a miniature version of our society. While our society is making great progress in the awareness of mental health in our everyday lives there […]

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