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Friends with benefits: pets and other animals and wellbeing

Pets and other companion animals are just that, they can provide great companionship. Many studies have shown that. Some have pointed out the benefits to the pet owner’s physical and mental health. Lover stress levels, better heart health as well as other positives. Owning a pet can provide better socialising with family and friend too. […]

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Pets and your mental health

Pets can have a great benefit on our mental health. Previous generations encouraged pet ownership for their children. They believed pets helped children learn responsibility, empathy and care and duty. It worked two ways as well. With an animal’s instinctive ability to sense and return care and support, they provide companionship and one of the greatest examples […]

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Pets and our wellbeing

Pets are wonderful companions. But they can be more than that. There has been a great deal of research into the psychological and even physical well being pets and companion animals can bring. A study conducted here in Australia found that pet owners had lower blood pressure and even lower cholesterol risk than no pet […]

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