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How to Beat Depression, Anxiety and Stress with Garden Therapy

The therapeutic benefits of garden and natural environments have been well-known for centuries. We have a number of gardens at Retreat South as well as the natural surroundings. Our gardens provide a tranquil environment for you during your stay. They also support many of the therapeutic, treatment and rehabilitation processes. Our treatment and activity rooms […]

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Take action over trauma and PTSD

Trauma and PTSD treatment for Australian Defence Services was given a boost this week. There was great news in Australia‚Äôs Federal Budget for 2017. The government has allocated 350 million dollars toward mental health care and suicide prevention for the armed forces and defence veterans. A multi-million-dollar injection of funds like this has not been […]

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Getting help for trauma and post traumatic stress

At Retreat South we offer specialised, tailor-made programmes for individual treatment. We offer a range treatment programmes for a number of mental health problems designed to suit each person who visits. Although we can offer a variety of treatments for a variety of problems, one of our main areas of focus is on trauma treatment. […]

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