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Take The Plunge and Seek Treatment

Stigma stops us from seeking treatment for mental health problems. Fear of letting others know you have mental health problems like depression or anxiety is very real. The stigma surrounding mental health problems is gradually giving way and people in need can seek help before the consequences are too great. The consequences of anxiety and […]

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Help say goodbye to bipolar disorder

World Bipolar Day (WBD) takes place on March 30, 2017. In recent years a day has been set aside to draw attention to a health or mental health condition and to raise awareness.┬áThe reason why 30 March was decided for the WBD was because that was the day, in 1853, when the painter Vincent van […]

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Stigma and confidentiality

Stigma surrounding mental health is almost a big a problem as mental issues themselves. Every year, 4 out of 16 young Australians experience a mental health issue, but only one of those four will seek help. Stigma accounts for this extraordinary divide amongst young Australians seeking mental health care. The mental health promotion group headspace […]

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