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You can take control of trauma

Summer can be a great time. The hot, dry weather is great for some many of our favourite activities. Unfortunately, Summer brings the bushfire season and with it the anxiety and trauma that natural disasters bring.

The expansion out of Australian cities has meant bigger populations in outer metropolitan and country areas where there is still plenty of bushland. So more and more people seem to effected by the annual bushfire season.

And it isn’t just the residents in the bushfire prone areas either. The fire fighters and other emergency service workers and volunteers who have always placed themselves on the frontline, continue to do so and often with terrible consequences.

Being in the frontline of bushfires as well as responding to fires is life threatening. It also brings with it trauma, post traumatic trauma. That is having a disasterous effect on the mental health of emergency service workers. As Australia approached the bushfire season statistics were released showing an alarming increase in the number of firefighters taking their own lives.

Firefighters and other emergency workers are at the frontline of so many trauma inducing incidents and it seems that the traumas they suffer are increasing. With the decrease in stigma surrounding mental illness, emergency workers are feeling more secure in acknowledging and understanding trauma and how it affects them.
Thanks fully treatments for trauma are available and highly effective. At retreat South, we have highly skilled psychologists specialising in trauma and can tailor a specific programme to address your trauma.

If you think you might be affected by trauma or know someone who might be you can find helpful information on website such as the Australian Psychological Association.


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