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Teaching teachers about stress and burnout

Workplace stress and burnout among teachers and school principals is on the rise. The year is nearly half-over and Winter is closing in. This is the season when workplace blues can really get too us. But job and workplace burnout is a very real and special type of work related stress. It undermines emotional as well as physical health.

Burnout can leave you feeling exhausted all the time. It can also cause you doubt your ability to do your job as well as fill you with doubts about the value of your work and place in the workplace.

Workplace stress and burnout can effect workers on all levels from young people, just entering the workforce to senior managers and even CEOs. Educators and particularly school principals are a group working in area that presents many challenges and often causes high levels of workplace stress.

Although teachers are passionate professionals the always changing nature of the profession challenges that passion. The ongoing study of Principal Health & Wellbeing cites work pace, emotional demands, having to hide emotions, long working hours and work-family conflict as very high over the last five years.

At Retreat South we tailor our programs to suit your needs and understand that getting a treatment program that suits your work life as quell as your needs is important. We operate all-year-round and can help you with a treatment program to address workplace stress and burnout during school and other term holidays to suit people in the education professions.

Call us today on 61+3 5568 4155 to see how we can help you on the road to recovery at a time that suits you.

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