Substance Abuse and Dual Diagnosis


Alcohol addiction is a progressive condition where eventual dependence is characterised by a strong need to drink despite the undeniable problems associated with continued use. The psychological and physical effects of prolonged alcohol abuse are wide ranging.

Drug addiction is characterised by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences. Addiction or addictive behaviour can be slow or rapid and often an unmanageable drug user is the last to know they have a problem.

Sometimes people can misuse prescription medication such as pain killers. Prescription medication abuse has become an increasing problem requiring careful combinations of psychotherapeutic and medical treatment.

Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis is when a person has one or more diagnosed mental health conditions at the same time as problematic drug and alcohol use.

Sometimes a person attempts to lessen the severity of a mental health condition by using alcohol or other drugs or both. This leads to problematic alcohol and substance use. Other times a substance use disorder can become associated with a mental health condition. The alcohol or substance use invariably worsens or altering the mental illness.

If you or someone you know is having problems caused by alcohol use please contact us, we can help.

Treatment for Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis requires strategies to deal with the addiction as well as the underlying mental health issues At Retreat South, we focus on the entire addiction cycle. We look after your physical, psychological and emotional welfare. We work on strategies to empower you when dealing with situations that trigger risk taking and addiction related behaviours. We assess the underlying issues that may cause problems including diet, self-worth and learned behaviours.

Treating the Mind, Body and Soul

Using a mix of psychological treatments and creative and physical therapies, Retreat South’s trained team of professionals can help you move away from addictive behaviours, past detoxification and into a positive and pro-active way of life.

Read how we treat substance dependency and abuse.

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