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Women take control of your wellness

“Women hold up half the sky,” Mao Tse-tung once said. The findings of an annual study into women’s health reveals that they could also be holding nearly half of Australia’s mental health problems.

The first week of September is Womens’ Health Week. Since it began in 2013, Womens’ Health Week has been a time to reflect on women’s health and wellbeing

The even coincides with the release of the important annual Jean Hailes Women’s Health Survey. This year’s survey shows that around 40 per cent of Australian women have been professionally diagnosed with depression or anxiety.

While men have been under the spotlight when it comes to better understanding mental health issues, we still need to keep the focus on womens’ mental health.

The concern is revealed in the survey findings. The two major obsticles for women not neglecting their health is lack of time. In fact nearly 30 per cent of the women surveyed said this. Over 20 percent said that health was not a priority.

We hope that during Womens’s Health Week, women, and men, in fact, all Australians, will take the time to think about their health and wellness and take that first step toward changing their lives for the healthier and better.

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