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Yoga and moving into well-being in the new year

Exercise and physical activities and yoga are great things to do when the warmer months are here.

Summer is here in Australia and the Christmas period has past and we are off to a new year. Christmas time can be a difficult, stressful time for some. It is a time when some of us have to put on a festive, happy face. For some with mental health issues that can add to the problems they are already facing. We can feel under pressure to put our problems on hold. And to add more problems to those problems the professionals and organisations that lend help and support are sometimes closed for the season. People take holidays at this time of the year. people with mental health issues might not feel like taking a break or even be able to take a break.

But with Summer at least there is the possibility to do some things that can help with those issues. The longer and warmer days mean that there are more opportunities to take some exercise. In addition to exercise it might be good to explore some other physical activity. Yoga is a good one. It can be a good addition to exercise.. Exercise has shown to be helpful to mental health. Yoga is too. It reduces stress and can help focus our mind and deal with things like our mood or anxiety.

Like exercise, yoga can even help our bodies produce the brain chemicals that help with depression. It helps with blood circulation and breathing, both of which elegise our bodies. Exercise and yoga are essential parts of the treatments we combine with psychological treatments at Retreat South.

Now that Summer and the new year, maybe trying some exercise and yoga can be your promise to yourself for the new year.

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