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Retreat South understands mental health issues. And we know what it takes to restore your mental well being and give you back control of your life. At Retreat South, we know that there is more to wellness than medication or therapy alone. We work with you to create an approach to your mental health that is about empowering you to take control.

An integrative approach to your mental health

At Retreat South, we work with you to identify moments where you may be more vulnerable than usual to stress and other triggers. We also focus on channelling times of difficulty into positive, not negative behaviours. And we use an integrative approach to your mental health that helps you manage day to day symptoms effectively. We teach you to use creativity, nutrition, exercise and mindfulness as part of your management strategy. While also helping you to understand why and when you may feel more vulnerable and be kinder to yourself.

Mental health needs more than medication

Mental health needs more than medication. It needs a lasting and supportive approach to self-management. When you’re in pain, stressed out and sensitive, the temptation to ignore feelings is strong. So too can be the desire to bury them under negative behaviours such as drinking, drug taking or risk taking. But you don’t have to spend life on the couch, waiting for the feelings to pass. Or punishing yourself for feeling different, vulnerable and/or not in control.

A custom designed treatment program

Your treatment program will be custom designed to address your individual needs. Together we will:

  • Identify the type of mental health issues you may be facing
  • Examine the root causes for these issues, physically, emotionally and mentally. As well as life stressors and outside influences that may be impacting you
  • Chart out effective strategies day-to-day. And to minimise the impact of life events as they happen
  • Create a framework of positive ways to express your emotions
  • Empower you to spot the moments when you are at your most vulnerable
  • Encourage you to be kinder to yourself when these moments occur
  • Map out actions and supports to help you stay mentally healthy. And help you recover quicker from situations that impact you the most
  • Develop a lifestyle that works with, not against, your mental health