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Both the duration you are with us and the cost for your stay depend on what you come to us for, how bad the situation is, what we need too do and how long it will take to help you.

Once we’re aware of your situation and have received any files from a medical referral, we will have one or two telephone interviews with you. From here, we’ll take into account your circumstances and what sort of treatment is required, and then we can provide you with a costing and we can recommend how long you should stay.

Please don’t worry if you feel you don’t have much time to spare. Contact us, we can design your program in such a way as to achieve the most in the time you have available. In most circumstances we do recommend a stay of at least 30 days.

But, we also offer psychological zoom therapy session for outpatients. The basic session cost is $212.00 per 50 minute session, which is claimable on your private health or on Medicare Private. If you have a doctors GP Mental Health Referral this can be bulk-billed to Medicare. The average cost for inpatient addition therapy and mental health therapy, starts from $1650.00 per day plus GST as an average cost.