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Short Term Accommodation and Assistance ”Respite”

Short breaks pricing is dependant on the staff to participant ratio, the length of the break, the days the break takes place and whether the participant requires additional assistance.

Customer requirements and preferences are always considered and respected.  We run Short Break Bolts at all ratio’s stipulated by the NDIS Price Guide.

Retreat South provides support across the full 24 hours, the main activities undertaken between 8am and 6pm. When requested Retreat South can run short breaks and activates on weekdays which maybe are subject to penalty pricing.

Retreat South may charge additional non face to face time (max 2 hours) for post-therapy follow up (i.e. case notes/evaluation or basic reports).

Cancellation policy for residential respite!

Once your booking date is confirmed by the Plan Manager, if the booking is cancelled prior to 14 days before the commencement date no fees will be charged, but if the booking is cancelled 14 days or less before the commencement date a 20% cancellation fee will be charged on the total respite cost.

The suggested NDIS current rates for STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite)

Item Number Item Name and Notes National
01_058_0115_1_1 STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) – 1:1 – Weekday $1,775.89
01_059_0115_1_1 STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) – 1:1 – Saturday $2,263.73
01_060_0115_1_1 STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) – 1:1 – Sunday $2,861.33
01_061_0115_1_1 STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite) – 1:1 – Public Holiday $3,458.93

The good news is, Retreat South is a fixed daily rate of $1750.00 seven days a week

Psychological therapies

15_054_0128_1_3   Psychology Assessment, Recommendation $214.41 per session

Psychological therapy cancellation policy!

Is in-accordance with NDIS guidelines

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