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Retreat South recognises the damage the “always on” workforce can have on the individual. That’s why we have a tailored executive stress program to help minimise the impact of stress and retrain workplace habits.

Our aim is to reduce workplace stress and give you the ability to create safe and effective boundaries around your professional and personal life. We’ve worked with countless individuals and workplaces to examine all kinds of situations that invite stressful outcomes. Through examining workplace culture through to working on personal definitions of success, Retreat South is a supportive environment for you to reflect, restore and create positive change for the future.


Nurture & regain a healthy relationship with work

No matter if the pressure placed upon you is from your own sense of personal achievement or by an external workplace structure that promotes it, Retreat South can help.

We’re well versed in deconstructing even the trickiest of workplace situations and finding processes that can help nurture and regain a healthy relationship with work.

Working with you to develop a healthy approach to work and job based satisfaction is our aim. Privacy, professionalism and a practical approach to your particular needs is assured.


A custom tailored treatment program

We approach treatment for stress and burnout in the following ways:

  • Individual counselling to help you work through your work patterns
  • Helping you identify moments where burn out or overwork may occur and channel this energy into better, more positive strategies
  • By tackling the group cultures within the workplace that promote hyper-competitiveness
  • Looking at underlying causes for the desire to overachieve in your career
  • Creating safe and effective strategies to set boundaries and empower today’s worker