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A history of success

Quite simply, we are the leaders in the field for providing enduring solutions to mental disorders. At Retreat South we have in-house Australia’s foremost mental health treatment team.

Some of our greatest successes have been with clients who have tried many other programs only to find that lasting recovery still eludes them.

Compassion & respect

We believe that the conditions we treat are illnesses and not moral deficiencies or weaknesses. We will treat you with compassion, understanding and respect.

Unique and effective treatment

Our approach is unique and our treatment is based on based on tried and tested, evidence based methodologies and practises for the treatment for PTSD, trauma, grief, depression and anxiety.

We believe that the dynamics that can play out in group therapy can be counter-productive. For this reason, and for reasons of your privacy, all treatments and sessions are conducted in a one-to-one setting and not in groups.

We take care of everything

We provide everything, and you will want for nothing. We will free you of day to day worry and stress and give you the emotional and mental breathing space to begin recovery.


We welcome well behaved pets, although their care remains your responsibility.  During your stay, we ask that your pet up to date with their flea & tick prevention, come with their own bed and bedding, and stay off the furniture.

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