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Psychotherapy will play a central role in your healing process. Our therapists are experienced, innovative, creative and dynamic, and they are committed to working from a supportive, compassionate and respectful stance.

Your therapist will encourage you to change and grow at your pace and in your own unique way.


Manage your life in a healthy manner

Our therapists will give you the information to learn about yourself, the insight to understand your issues and the skills to manage your life in a healthy manner.

We will help you to understand underlying issues associated with your presenting condition. For example substance abuse is often associated with some form of trauma and corresponding depression and anxiety.

If your life has become unmanageable and unhappy, psychotherapy can help to shine a light on the parts of you that you habitually avoid or from which you are dissociated – this includes your strengths.


We are unclouded by judgement

Some of our therapists have experienced what your are going through and others have spent many years in recovery from addiction. We can bring our personal experience to the table, we can relate to you and we are unclouded by judgement.