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“Something in nature that heals the mind”

Retreat South is set in a natural landscape with gardens and flowers.

Natural settings have a positive effect in times of stress. A teacher in England found his garden was helpful while recovering from a breakdown.

“My garden has been my sanctuary,” he wrote in The Guardian. Therapy and medication were important in his recovery but he said there was “definitely something in nature that heals the mind.”

The gardens at Retreat South provide a sanctuary for you too.

Research shows thefre can be higher rates of depression in areas with few private and public gardens. Just being in a natural space with living things makes us feel good. Being able to view nature, be in a natural setting whilst doing some activity, even just reading, have proven mental health benefits.

Active participation and involvement with nature is also has proven benefits. Because there has there has been a decline in physical activity in recent decades, being less physical has known health consequences. Doing something like gardening, trekking or walking have positive health benefits and can be a good way of continuing your enjoyment of being a natural setting after staying at Retreat South.


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