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A Single Solution to Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis is how mental health and alcohol and substance use is understood and the way it is treated.

When someone has mental health issues and problematic drug or alcohol use the road to recovery can be complicated.

Sometimes that mental health condition can lead to alcohol or other substance use as a way of helping the symptoms of that condition. And, sometimes using or misusing alcohol or other substances can bring on a mental health condition. It can also make an existing one worse.

There are different ways that each person with a dual diagnosis is affected. This can often mean it is difficult to make an assessment and to treat the dual conditions.  The way a person recovers can be different too and have more likelihood of relapse.

It is common for people with mental health conditions to turn to alcohol or other substances as a way of self-medicating their symptoms. But, addiction is a mental health condition in itself. Having an addiction to any substances can be associated with changes in the brain which can cause depression, anxiety and some other, often very severe conditions.

Because dual diagnosis can be so complicated, it may require a higher level of medical and psychological support. When someone has dual diagnosis, they could need treatment from more than one type of health professional.

When someone has a dual diagnosis, residential rehabilitation with a multi-disciplinary treatment team provides a structured environment working towards recovery. At Retreat South we provide that team of highly qualified, health-care professionals with backgrounds in psychology and counseling, hypnotherapy and exercise to provide a residential program for you with daily therapies to fit your needs.

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