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Depression and Anxiety

Mental health problems are not easy to fit into one of two categories. It certainly isn’t a case of making generalisations like ‘those that have them and and those that don’t. Some people think that depression and anxiety are two sperate categories.

Each mental health problem can have different conditions for each person. And, sometimes there can be different symptoms from more than just one type of mental health problem. Sometimes there are even physical conditions that bring mental health problems with them.

Depression and anxiety is just such a case. Although depression and anxiety are different conditions, people with depression often experience feelings of anxiety. Nervousness, trouble focussing and concentrating, and feelings of tension that affect relaxing and sleeping are some of the negative effects of anxiety.  Many people experiencing depression can also feel these things too.

That is why at Retreat South we aim to help you develop resilience and to break all kinds of conditions that hold you back from health and happiness.

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