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Getting back to nature for a therapeutic experience

It didn’t take long for our newest visitor to settle in at Retreat South, even if this koala prefers a gum tree to one of our luxury suites.

With our location in the countryside, a visit to Retreat South from a koala can be a normal event. Located in the beautiful countryside near the historic town of Port Fairy, Retreat South is amongst some of the most breathtaking scenery alongs Victoria’s ocean coast. There are fascinating geological sites, stunning scenery and plenty of Australian wildlife.

If you don’t see a koala make a home in a tree somewhere in the grounds, you are sure to see one not too far away. Kangaroos and wallabies are often seen in the bushland around Retreat South and along the coast there are penguin colonies while whales are regular sight as well.

The countryside and natural landscapes around Retreat South plays an important part in your therapeutic experience during your stay. They provide a peaceful and calming environment for you as you establish your path to recovery and wellness.

Privacy is another important factor in creating a therapeutic environment and the open, natural spaces surrounding Retreat South provide that private environment away from the crowds and busy and bustling city.

If you want to explore the countryside as part of your therapeutic experience a range of nature park and reserves are close by and provide a stunning experience at any time of the year.

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