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A good diet improves mental health

The importance of diet and the link between the right types of food land our mental health is becoming a big concern.

What we eat has always been an important factor in our general health but what we eat is just as important to our mental health.

Food and mental health has been under the spotlight since evidence emerged two years ago showing that food and diet was as important to our mental health as it is to our heart health.

Just recently honey has emerged as a potential source of improving our mental health.

Honey has a long history of use as a remedy and become a popular alternative to sugar as a sweetener. We were really interested by new Australian research that shows how honey benefits the bacteria in our digestive systems.

The research studied the microbiome, the microorganisms in in our gut. A healthy gut benefits the microbiome which, in turn, keeps us healthier. Some of the work he microbiome does is influence obesity, allergies, illnesses like cancer. It even has an influence on our mental health.

Our gut microbiome sends signals to our brain and influence also serotonin production. serotonin is associated with our mood and feelings of happiness. Honey has been proven in the research to a great prebiotic effect, that is to promote growth of beneficial intestinal microorganisms.
We are so happy to see all this positive research into diet and good mental and physical health. Your diet is an important part of your treatment plan at Retreat South. We believe diet plays an important part of your recovery and is planned as carefully as your treatments.

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