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Healthy Holiday Season for 2021

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. Even though COVID and its fallout is still upsetting our daily lives, as the year comes to a close it is possible to take some time for the new year ahead.

Covid may have changed our routines but over the holiday season you can choose to take. break from the routine and unwind and refresh yourself.

We can never say this enough times, but it is just as important to look after our mental wellbeing as our physical health.

The holiday period has always been a time to unwind. So try and make this time, a time to do exactly that. It is one routine we will all be happy to stick to.

Here are a few things to make this ‘routine’ relaxing time a way of reenergising yourself to prepare for the year to come.

Eat well. Christmas day has come and gone. One day of festive food and indulgence. Now it can be a time to be mindful about what we eat. Try some healthy alternatives. Enjoy the Summer fruits on offer. Cut down on alcohol, choose to eat what you really want and what temps you, but spare a thought for healthy foods too. They will help prepare your body for the new year while you prepare your mind with rest and recreation.

Get yourself outdoors too! Take your family or family friends and head to the beach, park or countryside. This is one of the easiest ways to be physically active and getting out in nature is a proven way to reduce stress. Don’t forget to keep in mind social distancing restrictions if they apply in your area.

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