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Rehab – Making addiction recovery work for you

Addiction is something that can be part of a complex set of issues. ‘Rehab’ or recovery from something so complex takes time.

Many people have looked back on their recovery treatments and found that a major difficulty was recovery that rehabilitation program sometimes last less than two weeks.
Recovery from addiction can be a difficult thing.

Many people need to plan a long-term recovery. At Retreat South, our treatment programmes are designed with your special needs in mind. We develop a treatment plan for you where our multi-disciplinary team bring their particular skills to help you on your path to recovery.

Because addiction can damage us emotionally and mentally as well as physically our multi-disciplinary approach helps strengthen you emotionally and mentally and physically.

Physical therapy is increasingly beneficial as a compliment to traditional psychology. The negative effects of addiction on bodies, physical therapy and exercise helps you feel stronger during recovering. It’s the same as the psychotherapy is making you mentally stronger.

Yoga and meditation teach you skills to relax and use the power of your mind to address stress and other things that act as ‘triggers’ which may have been treated with harmful alcohol and other substances. Another aspect of your physical recovery is diet. Your well-planned, nutritious meals feed your recovering body.

Taking time-out and committing to a longer recovery period. Learning healthy living practices, along with your traditional therapy can make you stronger, healthier and more in touch with yourself as you move through recovery.

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