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Pets and our wellbeing

Pets are wonderful companions. But they can be more than that. There has been a great deal of research into the psychological and even physical well being pets and companion animals can bring. A study conducted here in Australia found that pet owners had lower blood pressure and even lower cholesterol risk than no pet owners. Another study found that new pet owners had significantly lower minor health problems. When it comes to emotional well being studies have found that owning a pet helped reduce stress with non pet owners even making more doctor visits than pet owners.

So if you are considering a therapeutic retreat and have a pet, it stands to reason that if you bring your pet along it will benefit your stay.

Animal facilitated therapies even becoming a highly regarded health and mental health treatemnt. At Retreat South we even have Equine Therapy as one of our treatment options.

With the amount that research showing how pets help our well being, it stands to reason that your pet can be a valuable part of your recovery.  A structured routine can be helpful manage symptoms of anxiety or depression. What better routine than walking your dog? It’s great physical and emotional therapy.

That is why companion animals and family pets are welcome at Retreat South when you come to stay with us. Of course we need to ensure a few things when pets do come along, and your pet will need to be your responsibility while you stay with us. But we really know the important part they have in our health, so talk to us today if you are considering coming to Retreat South and have a pet.

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